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Class are $30 per class sold in 8 class bundles=$240

Psychic mediumship development class Lake Elsinore is taught by Tony The Healing Medium..Join us this week to receive a spirit messages from your loved ones in spirit! ” in the afterlife” ✉❤✉EVERYONE RECEIVES A MESSAGE!!✉❤✉ And learn how we do it!   More info     Psychic Mediumship Development class Lake Elsinore is a  beginners psychic development group, this group is a beginner’s guide to opening the door to higher consciousness and connection to spirit. We will be working together to receive messages and signs from the beyond. We will focus on balancing our chakra, and reconnecting our energy to the quantum field. We provide a safe and harmonious environment that will easily, and comfortably help you raise your vibration to connect with our deceased loved ones.  So why learn with Tony.  Because he is one of the World most Accurate Mediums of our time.  See Video above

Come join us and learn to strengthen your undiscovered natural psychic abilities! Self healing is very important to our class, as we will have Reiki master onsite for energy healing as needed🙏 more info  Check out our Third Eye Attunement Video Level 2. Our third eye attunement enables your clairvoyance to open up Rapidly and Accurately on the spot. So you can see between both spirit world and our world with you bare naked eyes open on the spot in front of you!  Seeing and hearing interdimensionally.

Tony is the real deal! Enlighten Master that holds tremendous healing power!  He does not have a shaved head or wear an  orange robe. He has spirit inside of him that guide him.  He delivers mind blowing mystical experiences. Some thru meditations others thru spiritual healings and still more thru Sacred Attunements.

Here is a Level 2 Clairvoyant Attunement given only to long term dicated students.

Come Learn about the different kinds of psychic abilities. Some psychics are strongest in one psychic area or they choose to focus on one at the expense of others.

Imagine you are using your “third eye” – the chakra (or energy field) that is located above your real eyes. Visualize this third eye opening and expanding. See what you notice in the mind’s “inner screen.” Try this with your eyes shut.

Clairvoyance means you are able to see spirit images. One aspect of clairvoyance is “remote viewing,” which is the ability to see things that are not known by the common senses. Clairvoyants work through the aura to receive impressions from spirit communicators.   For remote viewing, determine a remote location you want to sense. Shut your eyes, and think about the location. Shift your intention upward to your third eye. Note the first impression you have, and write it down.

Clairaudience means the ability to receive spirit impressions but in the forms of sounds. Words are transmitted through the aura into the medium’s subconscious, as if the medium is a telephone. To practice clairaudience, repeat a word in your mind as you think it. This helps develop your inner voice. Clairsentience is the ability to sense the presence of a spirit, including its emotions and personality.

Here is a class video of Tony The Healing Medium removing some karma and karmic imprints from a student in his class.  Tony does a Spiritual Healing!



Tony teaches you to receive information from the spirit world without using primitive methods, like taro, riddles, metaphors, etc… These methods are used by under-develop people to disguise their inaccuracies and undermine our community.  Tony teaches what he calls spirit to spirit communion union.  And he can teach it to you too.  Here is a video of Tony The Healing Medium doing a spiritual reading.

How our classes work

Tony believes that your own personal karmic imprints (blocks, energy cords, karma, etc.) is what keeps you from your accurate psychic self.  Through a series of healing and revealing session in class.  Secrets will be reveal to you about your personal life.  So you can heal what needs to be healed.  Tony teaches that until you heal your own personal life first.  You will never be a channel for others or spirit.  So healing is priority in this class.  Tony comes from a shamanic background.  His grandmother was the village healer.  Extractions, cleansing, purification, and bringing people back to balance is our goal while opening the third eye in tony class.  This is a one of a kind class.  There is no other like this!


Requirements to attend
1- Come with an open heart
2-Leave you ego at the door
3-Do not Rsvp yet! Go to our website first tonthehealingmedium.com and check us out first. Make sure this is what you want.
4-Rvsp on this # (714) 222-8835 only a must if you want to attend.
5-You must fill out our application first! Truthfully. Unfortunately space is limited. And not everyone will be allowed in. So please be aware that not everyone gets in.
6- We hold a very high vibration in our class. And everyone is like family. So absolutely Nooooo TRUMP Supporters will ever enter our space.
7. You must be willing to heal your life!  And do the necessary means to heal.
8. You must be willing to hear the truth about yourself!  No matter what!
9. You must be willing to let go of any Preconceived ideas!  Especially from other classes!!!!
10. Pray to your own personal god. Ask whether this class is for you. If it’s for you. Then you will be guided here!                                                                                                                                                                 11.  First 8 classes are sold consecutive.  The first 8 must be paid in whole.  $30 per class sold in 8 consecutive classes=$240.   No exception.  Please don’t ask.  After that it is pay as you go.  8 weeks will not make you psychic but give a foundation to build on.  Class is on going all year round.

12.  No lookiloos, (People that go from class to class jack of all trades master of none)  And are committed to none.  Humility, Humbleness, Respect, Patience, Gratitude Mandatory before coming in.



Psychic Mediumship Development Lake Elsinore Wednesday 7-9 p.m                                                                               1010 Meadowlake Lane                                                                                                                                                                   Lake Elsinore Ca 92539 (714) 222-8835 Rsvp Text only or questions

The Importance of Being Psychic – Part 1:

Being psychic enables you to tap into your subconscious mind and the spirit realm. When you develop your psychic power(s) it allows you to access information directly from the universe. Practicing Buddhists and Hindus have known this since before the time of Christ and the scientific evidence is now far reaching and overwhelming.

According to ancient healing lore, we have a spiritual body that is ruled by ‘Chakras’ (meaning ‘spinning wheel’ in Sanskrit), which are spinning energy centers or vortices of the body that are located within us, and they largely control our mental and spiritual experience. Each Chakra is perceived as a spinning, vibrating wheel of light and each one is a different color. Put together, they create our aura.

At the School of Universal Core Healing, Tony The Healing Medium, master healer medium teaches you about the  7 main primary chakras in our energy system and reveals how to unleash your own psychic abilities by training you on opening your third eye chakra.

People with psychic abilities have their gifts for a reason. They’re here on earth with unique purposes and missions to create changes, manifest blessings and help restore plus much more!!! Also, how each person receives psychic information can be very unique. In fact, psychic relates to the supernatural capabilities of the mind and actually meeting our deepest Self/Higher Self,/Own Soul IS a major step in our spiritual progress.

On a serious note, please do not attempt to awaken and develop your psychic abilities alone.  Uncovering your own natural gifts by yourself is a dangerous path that can lead to various forms of psychic attack especially if you are attempting to help yourself and others.  It is possible to have psychic powers and not know it and it is also highly possible that you may be struggling with some spirit issues and not know it. To learn more information please visit our website at tonythehealingmedium.com

Know this, if you are already experiencing psychic abilities alone, then we encourage you to come to the School of Universal Core Healing and learn how to manage your abilities, preferably by a trained psychic and healer medium such as Tony Gomez who is a trained psychic and teacher with well over 30 years of experience (he can be found directly at the Universal School of Core Healing). We all have the capability to develop our intuition and psychic abilities but better to explore and be guided by a trained master psychic healer medium in a safe environment particularly if you are not sure how to handle your own visions or how to deal with them.

Each and every human being has access to psychic abilities and spiritual gifts that can be developed. If you wish to develop yours contact us now at the  School of Universal Core Healing at Tel: 714-222-8835 or email us at info@SchoolOfUniversalCoreHealing.com.

Just imagine if everyone learned to develop their psychic abilities, what a much better place the world would be to live in!


Psychic Mediumship Classes

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