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Tired of healings that don‚Äôt really work. Want to know the truth! of what needs healing.ūüėäClasses are online only!¬† $25 per Online class.¬† Prepayment of 6 online classes includes 6 class prep videos.¬† To purchase the initial 6 online classes¬† click on the image below and select any date =$150.¬† Or text “class” to (714) 222-8835 to process your payment.¬† We are also on the whatsup app too.¬† ¬†Videos will be emailed to you.¬†¬†

After the initial 6 video classes  are completed a password will be emailed to you so you can join us Live on zoom!  (714) 222-8835 text your questions only! please!  We are also on the whats up app




Please note the following 

This is a Pro Black Lives Matter Organization. 

No Ignorant racist trump supporters allowed.  If you are neutral to any of this Trump or Black Lives Matter.  This is not the class for you.  We reserve the right to refuse anybody for any reason into our class.

Psychic Mediumship Classes

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