Healing and Revealing Class-Huntington Beach

  https://youtu.be/m6DGiT8p6to Classes are an 8 class commitment. One class per week.  $30 per class=$240.  Available payment is cash, Credit/Debit or Check.   THURSDAY NIGHTS 7-9 p.m Center for Spiritual Living 7648 Talbert Ave #208 Huntington Beach Ca 92648 Requirements to Attend: 1-Having an open mind and heart are required.  It has been our experience that preconceived ideas about spiritual healing will hinder your progress, so please leave them at the door.  This training  goes beyond what most believe to be

Spiritual Healing Leads To Clarity And Freedom To Be In Control OF Your Life!

Tony The Healing Medium People always ask my why does this always happen to me! Or Why do I feel this way. Answer Karmic imprints are creating experiences in your life leaving behind a deep rooted feeling that is stuck in your celestial body. It really that simple. Tired of struggling through life?Want to heal your life now, but don't know how or what needs healing? Have many unanswered questions about your life?Want to learn why bad things and good things happen in your

Psychic Mediumship Classes

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