Tony The Healing Medium is the Founder of Universal Core Healing
A powerful fact and evidence base spiritual energy healing modality. Classes are online now!
Fact and Evidence Based Spiritual Energy Healing-Training
Universal Core Healing locates and Identifies the "root cause" of all diseases and negative recurring life patterns
Tony Delivers The World's Most Powerful Third Eye Activation!
Become clairvoyant on the spot! See spirits, avatars, and angels. See interdimensional beings.


Welcome to all who visit this portal. “Namaste” If you are seeking truth, accurate reading, and spiritual energy healing.  You’ve come to the right place. Tony the Healing Medium is the founder of Universal Core Healing.  A tutelage for expanding consciousness and spiritual energy healing.  

A quote from Tony The Healing Medium

“Spirituality has many avenues; I find too many people struggle with it. Because they’re not taught the right engineering process, that god the Creator has created just for us! Clairvoyance, Mediumship, and Spiritual Healing are relatively easy when your teaching is based on absolute truth.”

Tony, The Healing Medium, is a fact and evidence-based clairvoyant trance medium and spiritual energy healer.  He is the founder of Universal Core Healing, A spiritual energy healing modality based on facts and evidence you can validate. Tony is a leader in the evolution of human consciousness. An internationally recognized clairvoyant trance medium and spiritual energy healer in Orange County, California, USA. Tony can be found giving readings and healing around the world.                                                 


PSYCHIC READINGS VS Spiritual Clairvoyant Medium

Psychic is often used as a catchall phrase for anyone who works in the paranormal.  Psychics don’t know who or where the information is coming from.   A spiritual clairvoyant medium sees who or where the information is coming from.  Tony can see with his eyes open interdimensional beings and energies.