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Tony The Healing Medium is the founder of Universal Core Healing is an internationally recognized trance medium located in Orange County California USA. Tony can be found giving group readings around the world. Call Tony: (714) 222-8835 Please text only

Universal Core Healing is the art of healing and Revealing your life!  It uses the World’s Most Powerful Third Eye Attunement to accurately open your clairvoyance abilities to higher dimensions..  Eliminating decades of wasted time and efforts.   This process starts your journey into Higher Consciousness.  Tony is able to identify and locate your energy blocks clairvoyantly so accurately in 3-6 seconds that you will be able to validate the information he delivers to you.  So how was Universal Core Healing created?   Here is Tony very own testimony in a nutshell.

Hi My name is Tony Gomez aka Tony The Healing Medium.  Here is how Universal Core Healing was born!  In the darkest most emotionally distress day of  my life.  I was visited by a fairy.  I saw the fairy clairvoyantly.  It was see through.  It was the very first time I had ever experience this.  The fairy was telempathically communicating with me.   Helping me understand my life and cosmic laws.  Later that day I managed to let go of my ego and surrendered my life to god.  I remember saying” I can’t do this anymore on my own”.    That same night I had a very mystical experience while in a deep lucid trance state.    I was granted my life review.  The same life review we all go through when we die.  But this life review was given to me while I was still alive and living on this planet.  I experience my life review from other people perspective that where or had been in my life.   I  felt their feelings and thoughts.  It was a real eye opener!  I learned to much that night that I could never put all of it into words.   Later on that night at 4:30 am I was visited by a golden ball of light that grew to fill the entire room.   I was engulfed with gold rays of light that were going through  me.  I felt intense love, peace and tranquility for the first time in my life!  Later that morning as I woke up I realize my back pain was gone.  I was able to move freely for the first time in a year.    I started noticing auras around plants, my cat, almost everything I starred at had an aura.  I had been a practicing mediumship for years but never experience anything like this.  I was able to see and hear spirit people more easily now.  As time went on I notice I was recieving symbols and information all day and night even while eating.   Through my research I found out I was experiencing Samadhi. I didn’t understand all those symbols I was recieving at that time.  Symbols are spirit communication on a specified subject matter.

During my spiritual readings I notice people were crying!  Some more than others!  I didn’t know it at the time but I was identifying ,locating and pinpointing peoples energy blocks.   My clairvoyance level was at its highest since the healing from the golden ball of light.  I am now able to go into a deep lucid trance state very easily it became second nature to me.  In this trance state I receive the truth to whatever I want.  

For years I resisted being a spiritual healer.  I didn’t agree with the 95% of the energy healers out there and still don’t.  Far to much BS for me.  I knew quick fixes technics  didn’t last long and were not permanent healing.  My philosophy was very different from all other healers.  I also didn’t want to deal with other people’s drama.  I was happy and content now.  I just wanted to keep being a medium.  After all I was very good at it.  And I was fortunate to have attracted  many  good clients.  Spirit always persisted telling me I have to give back for what I haved recieved.  Finally years later I step into the last part of my life theme.  As a spiritual healer.  The symbols and information I had recieved during my samadhi downloads which lasted 8 months.  Was unwrap and brought to the world as Universal Core Healing.  Soon after that during one of my lucid deep trance state I recieved a visit from an Spirit Avatar calling himself BaBaJi an east idian saint.  Who I never heard of until then.   He ask if I wanted to become a disciple of him and his teachings.  I accepted his offer of becoming his disciple.  Being a disciple of BabaJi has been one of the best experiences in my life!  Universal Core Healing was brought to the world.  No bs! No nonsense!  Just the absoluste Truth!

Need real verifiable answers about your life?  What to empower yourself more?  Tired of reocurring negative life patterns.  Ever wonder why this keeps happening to me.  Need the truth about your life?  Universal Core Healing gives all of this and more!

Universal Core Healing

We specialise in spiritual healing, spiritual awakening of your psychic self and transforming lives. We offer advanced energy healing techniques and education. This covers laws and effects of energy to fast track your success.

If you’re looking increase your intuition, psychic abilities, mediumship abilities, clairvoyance to transform and spiritually grow your relationships with health, finances, career,  or stress, then you’ve come to the right place. Your spiritual development energy healing journey starts here.  All these things are easily obtainable thru healing and reviewing your life.  The choice is yours.

tony the healing medium

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