Third Eye Awakening

Third Eye Chakra Activation that works. Reveal, Heal and Awaken Your Clairvoyant Self!

The third eye awakening is the sixth chakra, where you listen to your inner voice, intuition, and connection with the creator. This helps you make clear decisions to reach your true purpose and mission. Our third eye activation brings about self-realization of who you are.   Before the world told you who you were.  It is the most potent third-eye chakra activation in the world!  Eliminating decades of psychic training and increases your accuracy.  Enlightenment and expanding consciousness go hand and hand.  Universal Core Healing Third Eye Awakening clears the way for many stages of enlightenment.  Our third eye spiritual awakening delivers the “truth” of who and what you are.  You will have the ability to experience your true self firsthand.


What happens when the third eye chakra is activated and balanced?
When the third eye chakra is activated and balanced, you can tune into and trust your intuition and Clairvoyance. You see your life with clarity, self-awareness, and emotional balance. You trust your inner knowledge and clairvoyance  abilities, which allows you to make balanced decisions