Third Eye Activation

Third Eye Chakra Activation that works. Reveal, Heal and Awaken Your Clairvoyant Self!

The third eye awakening is the sixth chakra, where you listen to your inner voice, intuition, and connection with the creator. This helps you make clear decisions to reach your true purpose and mission. Our third eye activation brings about self-realization of who you are.  Before the world told you who you were.  It is the most potent third-eye chakra activation in the world!  Eliminating decades of psychic training a.nd increases your accuracy.

Universal Core Healing Third Eye Activation delivers Clairvoyance abilities to you on the spot! Students experience seeing Tony morph into Golden Light,  see and interact with Spirit Beings, “dead people” Avatars, Fairies, Jesus, energies, and a lot more on the spot with their bare naked eyes open.   It eliminates decades of wasted time and effort developing their higher consciousness and clairvoyance.  This is a self-realization technic only done at Universal Core Healing.  Our third eye activation gives you the clairvoyance you need for spiritual healing, readings, evidential mediumship, etc.  Spiritual power at its best.  The third eye attunement is an initiation into Universal Core Healing Tutelage.  It comprises nine levels of different vibratory tonal scales.   Perform at variable stages.  Each one brings you more spiritual power!   On the spot!   In particular, our attunement opens powerful clairvoyance capabilities to see the human aura and energy field and its intricacies.  We get many international requests for this attunement, so here are the prices and policies to receive it.  The instructor, regarding fees, will notify current students with a year of attendance, how, when, and where.  

For all nonstudents outside of our tutelage.  It requires going thru a 7-day spiritual cleansing process.  10k fee payable at the time of appointment is made. Contact info (714) 222-8835. We respond to text only—no voice calls.  Text your name with the words “want the third eye activation,” We will contact you.  We are also on the What’s app.  

Spiritualists also use the term to mean seeing or hearing (clairaudience) the spirits of the dead that are said to surround the living.