Psychic Development Training in Huntington Beach

Intuitive Psychic Clairvoyant Development Training

Revealing and Healing Your Energy Blocks! To Awaken Your Psychic Clairvoyant Self!   This frees your spiritual powers and abilities to flow and develop rapidly and accurately.   Eliminating decades of wasted time and effort.  Expanding to higher levels of consciousness demands removing your energy blocks also known as “karmic imprints”  Everybody has them.  No matter who you are.  You incarnate to overcome your energy blocks.  That’s the purpose of life.  To overcome your energy blocks.  It’s really that simple.

Lilly’s receives a spiritual healing in our class

Universal Core Healing is a tutelage for expanding consciousness, from remote viewing, psychic clairvoyant, and mediumship development training to astral travel, energy healing, and more.  We teach and perform long-term permanent spiritual energy healings in our class.  Using a technique of finding, locating, and identifying the “root cause” of the bad karma aka “the truth to why this disease or negative recurring life pattern manifested in my life”   

We offer advanced energy healing and samadhi techniques to reach super consciousness.    Our spiritual education is based on truth and not dogma.   This covers the laws and effects of energy to fast-track your success.  If you’re looking for a safe and supportive environment to activate, expand your consciousness and clairvoyant self,  transform and spiritually grow your relationships, health, finances, and career,  or reduce stress, you’ve come to the right place. Your energy healing and your spiritual awakening journey start here. A safe place for truth, healing, and developing your spiritual powers.

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