Clairvoyant and Psychic Development with Universal Core Healing “the pathway to enlightenment”

Reveal, Heal and Awaken Your Clairvoyant Self! with Universal Core Healing.

Psychic development a pathway to Enlightenment. Most spiritual seekers desire strong, accurate psychic clairvoyant abilities. But only a tiny few will achieve it. Why? Because psychic development training done right is a roadway spiritual awakening. Awakening to who you really are before the world took over your consciousness and defines you. Most methods used to awaken the third eye chakra usually go against cosmic laws, and the law has no religious dogma. Tony, The Healing Medium, created Reveal, Heal, and Awaken Your Clairvoyant Self. A spiritual energy healing modality that activates your third eye chakra rapidly with a no-nonsense approach to healing your life. Everyone is born to overcome energy blocks, and we all have them. That is what we are here to do. Overcome! Overcome our fears and hates. We all have them. And these energy blocks were implanted within our energy body from the first day of our lives. Again our life purpose is to overcome these energy blocks. It would be advantageous to address them accurately so expanded consciousness can occur naturally by removing the obstacles preventing you from developing your true clairvoyant self. Expanded consciousness is the outcome of overcoming your energy blocks. This is done at Universal Core Healing. We call this Reveal, Heal, and Awaken Your Psychic Self.

Once the energy blocks are addressed, opening up to your clairvoyant self becomes fun, easy, and part of your natural spiritual development! Stop struggling and Reveal, Heal and Awaken to Your Clairvoyant Self with Universal Core Healing.

Once Healing has started, Tony, The Healing Medium, Activates Your Third Eye Chakra So You Can Awaken To Your Clairvoyant Self!

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