Spiritual Healing thru Spiritual Awakening

Everyone can be psychic

Psychic and intuitive abilities, like the ability to give spiritual healing, should not be regarded as the gift of the few – they are the birthright of everyone on Earth. These abilities are latent within us all – and intuition and psychic development can occur through spiritual practices, such as yoga breathing and mantra, and by various forms of service to others, such as prayer and spiritual healing.  Universal Core Healing is the Most Accurate and Rapid way to become a powerful medium and energy healer by far.  It is the most direct way of implementing your psychic abilities rapidly and accurately it is the science of removing the energy blocks that prevent you from being an awakened being of light.

Certain techniques are specifically oriented towards developing these abilities, while others are oriented towards some other goal, but result in psychic and intuitive development, as a side effect, so to speak. For example, if you practice yoga breathing very intensely over a long period, to gain enlightenment, with no interest whatsoever in psychic abilities, you will nevertheless become psychic as a result.

While everyone can develop their psychic abilities, it may not be a particular individual’s destiny to have this as a priority. It may be much more important for someone to learn a particular skill not directly relating to anything psychic, though every skill can be enhanced by introducing a psychic element to it.

Psychic abilities are neither good nor bad

Psychic abilities are neither good nor bad in themselves – it is how they are used that makes them good or bad. If, for example, you use psychic ability to look at the aura of a patient before giving them spiritual healing, and you see exactly what part of the aura needs special attention, and you then tune in to the exact magnetic energy required to heal that person, this is a good thing to do. If, however, you use psychic ability to satisfy greed or bring harm to someone else, this is a misuse. It is as simple as that.

Our psychic school development and training are geared toward reaching enlightenment.

It is not possible to gain enlightenment, without first developing psychic abilities?

Heal-Reveal and Awaken Your Psychic Self! Lots of people want an awakened third eye but most are not prepared to fix or heal themselves first Awakening your Higher Consciousness rapidly and accurately can only be achieved through healing the Past, Present, and Future. Permanent Healing in your life is only possible thru transcending into Higher Consciousness (your psychic self) It’s that simple!
Tony The Healing Medium more info  universalcorehealing.com

The Art of Becoming Spiritually Healed and Consciously Awakened for life!
Tired of struggling in life?
Come join us and find out why you struggle. Are you recycling the same old life patterns? Stop suffering and start healing and awakening Healing doesn’t have to take a lifetime!

Energy Blocks are the “Root Cause” of negative manifestations in our life, pain, suffering, and disease. The term ‘Root Cause’ identifies and uncovers the causes of a problem(s). This term also indicates and reveals the earliest, most basic, and/or ‘deepest’ cause for a given behavior, such as identifying emotional traumas and events that stem from childhood and young adulthood. In essence, the root cause is the reason why negative experiences manifest in our lives and our third eye becomes blocked!

Universal Core Healing is the Science of pinpointing, and removing energy blocks inside our celestial bioplasmic energy body and our soul’s life theme. These energy blocks create your life subconsciously without you ever being aware of it! By healing and revealing these energy blocks that keep recycling negative manifestations into your life. You heal the Past, Present, and Future!

Removing these energy blocks and then replenishing you with a new higher vibratory energy of golden light, your higher consciousness (your psychic self) will be activated. Energy blocks are what prevent your Higher Consciousness (your psychic self) from fully developing in the first place. This is the step to becoming an Enlightened Being.

In Summary:

The practitioners at Universal Core Healing are fully developed spiritual mediums who can psychically find the “Root Cause” of any disease or negative manifestation in your life. You, as the client, will then know, in detail, exactly what the issue is, where it originated, why it is in your life, and what needs to be done to resolve and heal Permanently. This is all done through means of spirituality, which is as precise as mathematics. These Karmic Imprints (spirit energy) are what create and manifest good and bad life experiences. We create our lives through these Karmic Imprints subconsciously without being aware of them. The negative manifestations are what we heal, leaving the positive Karmic imprints alone.

Overview of our Psychic development and Training.

Learn to heal yourself and others
Learn Universal Core Healing Modality (energy medicine)
Learn how to see auras and bioplasmic energy fields
Learn how to scan the body and see, feel and identify with pinpoint accuracy energy blocks (karmic imprints) inside the celestial body and the soul’s life theme.
Learn secret meditations and techniques to harness electromagnetic energy and increase your energy flow. Increase your input and output.
Learn Reiki Healing and many more Healing modalities and techniques
Learn and discover your psychic, mediumship abilities from one of the World’s Most Accurate Mediums
Learn Remote Viewing
Learn Channeling
Learn to go into Trance Meditation
Learn how to use Universal Core Healing to gain what you truly desire
Learn how to induce an out of body experience
Learn how to step into your highest path and deepen your spiritual connection
Experience past life regressions
Experience Higher Consciousness
Heal your past, present, and future
Learn to see the past, present, and future through Higher Consciousness
Our psychic development and training is the only one of its kind in the world today
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