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Universal Core Healing is more than just doing clearings, extractions, and giving energy to someone.   Universal Core Healing incorporates the development of the psychic mind.  But its goal is to get the student to access their superconscious mind and learn how to use it. The building of psychic abilities is just the very basic starting point.   By achieving this super consciousness you’ll have the ability to access the truth about any situation in your life.  Whether it’s a question of why a disease manifested in your life or why does this negative reoccurring life pattern keep happening to me? Once Super Consciousness is acquired you’ll have real accurate truthful answers about anything in the Universe, Without limitations!  You will be able to go into your superconscious mind and receive the answers to anything you desire.   Whether it’s a reading for a client or a friend its abilities and information are endless.

So why doesn’t everybody have super consciousness?  The answer is simple.  The ignorant human mind. Yes, the ignorant human mind! It reacts to the history of your human experience. The history of our human experience is what keeps us bound to the ignorant human mind. Yes, the human mind is ignorant! The human mind is very ignorant compared to the superconscious mind.  Here is our very own definition of ignorance. 



  1. lacking knowledge or awareness in general

Universal Core Healing is not like most if not all Energy Healing Systems that only focus on giving, clearing out and removing, extracting bad energy inside the bio-plasmic energy body. Most if not all do not and cannot identify accurately and specifically the reason why this bad energy is your energy body in the first place.  Universal Core Healing starts with identifying the specific reason, the energy source, to why this bad energy is in your life. These bad energies are sometimes called “energy blocks.”, unbalanced chakra, etc.  In Universal Core Healing we call them “KARMIC IMPRINTS”.

Karmic imprints are in your history of all your human incarnations, and your ignorant human mind reacts to them sub-consciously.   Upon achieving Super Consciousness the ignorant human mind will stop reacting to the karmic imprints in your life because they will be released and neutralized.   Super Consciousness can only be attained through Healing and Revealing your negative “Karmic Imprints”. This allows you to move forward towards your desire with little to no resistance.  Super Consciousness will free from the ignorant mind!

Achieving Super Consciousness is Universal Core Healing more info tonythehealingmedium.com

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