Mediumship/Psychic development/Energy healing. It’s all supposed to lead you to Super Consciousness. If it is not your in the wrong class!

Universal Core Healing finds the root cause to bad karma

Most spiritual seekers are looking to gain spiritual powers. Some out of ego. While others out of curiosity. Or wanting to seek healing. Most don’t know the truth. So what is this truth I am speaking about? Spiritual powers and Awakening to your Superconscious mind can only be accurately obtained only through healing and revealing your life. This means healing your life. Healing your Karma. Healing your Karmic imprints. Any other way is a lie. Untruth and ego base method. There is an engineering process built into our life themes. And it adheres only to opening up to higher forces and consciousness through healing your life first! Any other way is a bald-faced lie. more info

By tony the healing medium

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