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Psychic training is spiriutal awakening.  There is no other way to become an accurate psychic.  It is engineered that way by the creator.  Spiritual awakening requires healing and revealing your energy blocks.  You energy  blocks will prevent you from achieving accuratecy in your spiritual readings.  Your energy blocks pull you into preconcieved ideas and mislead you everytime.  That’s their job.  So how do we develop our psychic clairvoyance abilities accurately and avoid decades of wasted time and effort?  Easy! Healing and Revealing  your life with Universal Core Healing.  In conjuction with healing your life.  Universal Core Healing delivers the World’s most powerful spiritual awakening.  The third eye attunement.  Only one of it’s kind in the World.


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Tony The Healing Medium

Tony The Healing Medium

He is the founder of Universal Core Healing An internationally recognized trance medium located in Orange County California USA

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