I See Dead People-The Awakening-Clairvoyant Development

“I See Dead People” with my eyes wide open on the spot. SEE, HEAR AND TALK TO YOUR ANGELS. Opening to Super Consciousness doesn’t have to take a lifetime! The world is changing. Are you going to be part of the change? Expanding Consciousness is simple, fun, loving, and joyful. Stop spinning your wheels and expand your consciousness now. See the truth about everything.



Universal Core Healing Spirituality for self Healing, Manifesting and Expanding your Consciousness into Super Consciousness.

I’ve got some potentially life-changing information for elevating your consciousness and removing suffering programs/implants. I can personally attest that the results of this research and removal process have been nothing short of amazing for me and those I have implemented in their development.

“The Awakening like in the video, is a process of expanding consciousness into Super Consciousnesss. So you can see the truth of what you are and where you came from.

It seems my journey of healing is very much like the onion. I take off one layer then I go deeper. I never arrive at the destination, but it just gets more freeing. All my suffering has led me to my liberation, which has been my greatest blessing to keep searching for more.

Everything matches your Consciousness.

Understanding that everything matches your consciousness doesn’t have to take years to grasp and can be applied every second of the day. But when you realize that your consciousness, programming, and coding, create everything in your life, you prioritize changing your consciousness or energy.

The more you change, the more everything flows, manifestation is effortless, and your connection to Source/God is unbreakable.

The next third eye attunement will feature the manifestation of Jesus Christ and Avatar Babaji. Scheduled at the end of the year.

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