Why people Struggle with recurring negative life patterns and disease

Why do we have millions of screwed-up people in our society? Just look at all the IGNORANT TRUMP SUPPORTERS THAT ARE MOTIVATED BY HATE AND VIOLENCE IN OUR SOCIETY.

.ignorance[ˈiɡnərəns]NOUN1. lack of knowledge or information.

It does not just Trump supporters who gravitate to hate and fear. Millions more also gravitate to different kinds and levels of fear and hate. Your subconscious mind drives your fears and hates, and you will never even be aware of it. Your worries and hates come from stored history in your subconscious mind and then distributed into your bioplasmic energy body, in particular your chakras. This history stored in your subconscious mind is then dissected into specific karmic imprints and power sources by a specific chakra. This creates the good, bad, or indifferent life you have lived through, meaning manifested for yourself.

We are mechanical products of the environment and the history of our lives. Most are preoccupied with working, raising kids, eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and complaining about things and outcomes they could not control in their lives. They are entertaining themselves with their emotional feelings, whether good or bad. They don’t even know what they are seeking. Meaning they’re seeking with their ego dictating their decisions. This is the road to unhappiness and insecurities. They think they know, but they don’t know anything about themselves. They will never realize complete happiness and lasting satisfaction in this state of living.

By evading self-analysis of your personal history, people go on like functioning robots programmed by the conditions of their environmental upbringing. Accurate self Analysis breaks the negative recurring life patterns. And finds the root cause of to disease. This root cause is known as the “Truth.” Once you have identified and located this truth, true permanent healing begins. The truth is what is Universal Core Healing.

Written by:Tony the healing medium – tonythehealingmedium.com

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